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ACAD (Advanced Certificate in Accounting & Designing)

This course will ensure that the candidate is introduced to the computer, OS, its hardware and peripheral,Windows MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint / Presentation), internet, e-Mail, online marketing, Internet Technology. This class is sincere attempt to educate Computers basics to all, who has not studied computers as part of their curriculum in School/College.


  • Computer (History, Generation, Types of Computer, Components, Features & Limitations, Laptop & Desktop.) 

  • Windows   (Desktop Properties, Folder & Multiple Folders,Copy-Paste, PC ON/OFF Etc.) 

  • MS-Paint   

  • Notepad    (Typing)

  • Wordpad   (Typing)

  • MS-Word 2010 (Resume Writting, Page setup, Format Concept, Rest Features of MS-Word)

  • MS-Excel 2010 (Sheet Creatation & Management) 

  • MS-Power Point 2010 (Project & Presentation)

  • Introduction & Function of OS (Software Installation) 

  • Network & Networking (Internet Connectivity Concept, Information About WWW, Mailing, Printing Etc.)

  • Internet     (Online Form, Ticket, Bill, Paytm, Online Shoping Etc.)



Corel Draw

Page Maker